Sha Sha from China

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Sha Sha from China

Unread postby trashhammer » Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:08 pm

Quite busy on friday daytime, so met 3 girls who were free at the time.
Cute tiny but well bootied Kitty, very tempted...
Lee , lovely Thai girl , golden olive skin tone , nice curves , big smile tempted .... but my wing-man Tyrekicker took her.

Third girl out was Sha Sha a gorgeous tallish slim Chinese girl with sparkling pretty eyes and a nice rack, long slend legs , cute bubble butt. Done !

Sha straight into some light kissing as she tickled my balls... sent me straight to cloud 9. Then a veryhot bj with ball licking and dragon drilling. Wow 1 this girl is a real package.
Walked her over to the sink with mirror , still in her little black one piece skimpy dress. she leaned fwd , I lifted the dress up over her hips and plunged the dagger in, and freed her breasts with both hands around them pumped that little bootie while marvelling and her long slender China doll legs. Yep, Chinese girls have the legs alright. A blur of position changes and great sounds from Shah Sha.

Really great session with her, she went beyond the call of duty and after her , there was no need to see another girl , so headed home, Pretty girl, slim , sexy and very adventurous in the cot. Score !

As I was leaving mey Yoko, very tall, exceptionally well put together, so tempted , and mean soooooo tempted but Sasha had emptied me well and truly. But Yoko , I MUST see asap. No choice but to return in a day or so.

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Re: Sha Sha from China

Unread postby peterpecker » Sun Jul 15, 2018 1:10 pm

Was there a few weeks ago, chose Sha Sha. Tall, slim, was wearing a g string and lacy top and heels in the lineup. $130 for the hour. Possibly mid 20s? Anyway, in room, she strips me, we kiss, finger her shaved pussy, tits are enhanced Cs. Into the shower together and dry off. She starts to suck on my now hard cock. Keeps going. Then I ask her to get on the bed and I return the favour, sweet pussy. Sha Sha then gets back to sucking me paying lots of attention to my balls as well, she allows me to CIM, spits into bin. Says has to go to toilet. I shower and wait, she comes back in what seemed like 10-15, has allowed me to recover. She showers and then slides all over me on the bed, kissing me with minty mouthwashed lips. She slips a dom on, rolls it down and slowly straddles me, she is really tight. After five or so minutes we swop to doggy and I go for 20 odd minutes, she then gets me in mish, I fold those slim legs over my shoulders and keep pounding her. She lets out a small gush and urges me to cum as we are over the extra time allowed. She says on her tits not face, so I pull out and de dom and oblige. Shared shower to finish. Sha Sha, great attitude and service!!!

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