Sabang (Puerto Galera) Bars Wrap

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Sabang (Puerto Galera) Bars Wrap

Unread post by bender » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:39 pm

Sabang Beach is a crazy ass dive resort beachfront town (near Puerto Galera) on the island of Mindoro. You take a bus south from Manila, then transfer to a home made fishing tri-maran to hop to the next island. If you survive that journey you can check out the bars and beers at this dusty, but fun little beachfront spot. Coral/fish diving is a highlight and you don't need scuba, snorkelling is good enough. Beaches are another highlight, some more suited to swimming than others. Exploring the island roads on scooter is fun also. You can ride into nearby Puerto Galera - the main town which is also a yachting hub. A number of expats have houses in the hills around here. I've added more details in the comments.
Sabang had a couple of floating bars out this year, hail a ride out with the boat boys, then fly into the cheap beers with your new pals from every corner of the world, well Europe mainly. There are usually some freelancer girls coming and going as well. Ideal for sunset drinkies, but very much dependant on the weather.
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Coco Lips has a basic 2 x pole dancing stage, German management is a good sign, and all these bars have the same 3000p bar fine or $77
coco-lips.jpg (76.91 KiB) Viewed 1718 times
Big Apple is a beachfront beer barn, with pool tables and a restaurant connected. All the bar maids are good fun laughing and joking with everyone. At night it heats up and we had some messy games of pool with the United Nations. A real lively bar and packed with divers every nite. Had a blast here.
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Whats Up was prolly my fav bikini bar here, they had a better sound system, played requests, Belgium mgmt, 2 dance poles on a centre island stage, $77 bar fine and rum n cokes were $2.57
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Eddy's place has a beachfront bar and pool room in the back. Wouldn't recommend eating here. Later at night there are tables of freelancers.
eddys-place.jpg (80.37 KiB) Viewed 1718 times
Midnight is a sweet bikini bar, it has a silver roof with red theme decorations. German management is a good sign and bar fines are 3000p or $77
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Captain Greg's is upstairs, top spot to eat dinner at sunset you get a great view across the bay. Rustic old timber building has a classic clubhouse vibe. Everything on the menu was pretty tasty. My fav spot for sunset drink and meal.
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Island hop on a trimaran
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Sabang beachfront is pretty
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