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Cafe Havana Scene

Unread post by bender » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:44 pm

Cafe Havana is a Cuban themed bar in the Ayala Centre Makati. It overflows with al fresco seating and is regarded as one of the hottest bars in town. It's certainly westerner friendly here and sort of upmarket by local standards. Anyway it's regarded as a freelancers pickup spot and every evening there are plenty of girls wandering around this whole area. Havana is just one bar, you can walk around here and find heaps of coffee shops, restaurants and bars all part of this huge mall setup. Actually I avoid Havana and tend to loiter around other nearby coffee shops, which seem to have more ladies to choose from. Spicy Fingers is another favourite nearby bar they have live music most nites. Anyway cruise this whole area at night, the later the better and start talking to girls, you will soon strike some freelancers. A word of caution, freelancer girls I've met here tell me there are more ladyboys in this area than you would guess. Most of them do the right thing and are upfront about their gender but not all. Another tip is to check that your target girl "gives you the eye" which may include a raised eyebrow. This is the signal to look for, before you start asking a "normal" girl if she swallows the lot. This is probably the best freelancer area in Manila and a lively area to eat, drink and socialise (not the cheapest place in town by a long shot) Note the nearby Landmark Department Store has an excellent basement level supermarket and food court setup, good for coffee/brunch recovery.
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Spicy Fingers has live music
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Greenbelt is an oasis
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Nearby Landmark mall has a very useful supermarket and food court in the basement.
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Re: Cafe Havana Scene

Unread post by coughlin » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:49 pm

I never had much luck at this place. It gets so crowded, the girls are average, you have to pick them up (so why not pick up regular chicks at a regular bar?), and they ask for a lot of money. The internet is the way to go now in the Philippines and most other places. You can easily find girls to fuck for free or 500 Pesos in Manila, and they'll come right to your room. Just cruise the dating sites!

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