Makati/Burgos St Bars

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Makati/Burgos St Bars

Unread post by bender » Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:38 pm

Bar Strategies; It's good to hop around and check out a number of bars to gauge the feel, when you find one that suits you, perhaps settle in for a few drinks. Tip! Mama san is in charge of the girls, so never ignore her. If she is taking care of you a tip or ladydrink will keep her onside. The idea is to talk to girls and perhaps find one you click with over a few ladydrinks. You can invite any girl in the house to join you for a drink, sooner or later some of them will come and try to sit with you. If you want you can pay a bar fine, aka work release fee and take her back to your room.

Obviously drinks will cloud your judgement when it comes to choosing a girl, but there are only two main issues that can derail your nite a) ladyboys b) milf/mutton dressed up as lamb. Ladyboys of course won't be found in a normal girly bar. Mutton dressed up as lamb is less likely especially when girls are dancing in skimpy gear, but it's not unheard of to meet young looking street girls, when you are pissed, which turn out to be milfs with saggy boobs and 3 kids when you get their gear off back at the hotel. A useful question might be; Do you have any kids?

Another tip I learned the wrong way, is to fire the third wheel quickly - if 2 girls sit down with you pick a favourite and politely find an excuse to get rid of the other one. Or worse you have a group of girls sitting with you all expecting ladydrinks. Of course there are exceptions, you may want to have more company, you may want to buy ALL the girls a drink, hey it's your holiday!

Except for these pointers it's pretty hard to go too far wrong. In fact it's a piece of piss to have a good time in the bars of Makati. Here is a simple guide to some of the bars around the Burgos St area.

PLAN B: Barfine was quoted as 4600p plus lady drinks. They have comfy sofas near the stage and about a dozen girls on stage most of the time.

TICKLES: A smaller club with dance poles and a silver roof decoration. Barfine happy hour was 1750 before 7. This bar had dedicated masseuses in uniforms.

DIMPLES: We were quoted a barfine of 3800 plus a tip for the girl of 3000 was suggested.

BOTTOMS: Probably one of the biggest bars around Makati, claims to have no bar fines but they suggested 10 lady drinks at 390 a pop.

G STRING: 3900 for the bar plus minimum 3000 for the girl. They have a pool table. Good mirrors and video screens. Good DJ/ VJay here played our requests.

SHAMPOO: 3500 plus perhaps 3000 for the girl tip is what we were told, but all these prices are negotiable so this is just a guideline. Shampoo is a smaller bar and seemed to have a great sound system.

GIRLY'S LOUNGE: Beers were 395, a bigger bar with 2 x dance poles.

Our fav bars were High Heels and Tickles on this trip.
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Re: Makati/Burgos St Bars

Unread post by roadie » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:10 am

I'll add a few tips on P. Burgos Street bars:

Jools: The best floor show by far, professionally choreographed and costumed (and unlike all other Makati bars, sexy costumes and usually see through at some stage), every hour on the hour from 9 PM. If your companion seems game, get her to go upstairs to the "smoking lounge" and you may well get a discrete HJ or even some mouth action and for sure will be able to feel her up as much as you like. All the girls are available for take out.

Wow Wow Wow: They advertise "table dancing" on the sign and you can hang out in the public areas while the girls dance fully nude and get full-contact playful as long as you buy a few drinks. However they also have curtained booths where *anything" goes, including BJ, FS, even doubles. If you want more privacy and space to get it on, they have one private room out back. Prices for booths and the room are half off on Sundays. Not all of them are always the prettiest girls but always two or three that pass muster

Rogue's Sports Bar: Same deal with the curtained booths. The clientele gets a little out of hand here at times as the clock ticks into the small hours and I have seen people doing the deed at their table and even once leaning on the billiard table.

Club Ivory: This one looks like an ordinary bar where the girls play silly games like Jenga, but ask to take one upstairs to the lounge and you can get pretty much anything you like on a sofa in a dark corner.

Girly's: Decent floor show, a "smoking lounge" where you can grope to your hands' content, and a private lounge upstairs where you can take a girl (or girls) for BJ or FS

Mascara: An ordinary looking bar with (non-curtained) booths. The girls here specialize in teaming up to form a human shield while you get a HJ or BJ from the girl (or girls) of your choice. It's pretty wild getting off while still looking around the bar at the action with other patrons!

Finally, if all else fails and you just need a quick fix, look for the "T Tower" to the left of Wow Wow Wow. Take the lift to Native Palm Spa on level 3. They'll ask if you want massage, you ask "what are the specials?" and you proceed to a full service brothel. The rooms are a bit seedy but sometimes the girls are real stunners. Be sure to ask for one who is comfortable with foreigners as not all are. Price (all up including room, massage, and "tip") will be less than the bar fine at any bar on the street.

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Re: Makati/Burgos St Bars

Unread post by soho » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:38 am

Feb 2016 - I have just spent three months in phils. Be really really careful of a bar called dimples in Burgos street. A few of the girls there are taking shabu shabu ( ice ) especially this one girl who calls herself either Kim, Sanchi or on her official ID her name is Betchi. She has a slightly different look to most Philo girls because she has a little bit of Spanish in her. I bar fined her for a few days, paid the daily rate plus tip and when I wanted her to leave the hotel she goes off her brain. Security gets involved and she tries to extract another $150 aus dollars off you while going off her brain in front of security.
Then she starts saying sorry via text. She talks lots of trash and tries to bounce you by saying she will call the police. Best advice is to only bar fine the sweet and nice girls that aren't pushy and have a good attitude and vibe. As soon as you come across the girls that are a bit older, one or two kids and push hard to do a bar fine or lady drinks move on and select another girl.

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