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Cebu Bars Quick Guide

Unread post by bender » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:09 pm

J AVE disco is at mango square, start here - this is an important place to find early, because it is like the central hub of the mango strip, hang out in the square here, or check out the disco, particularly late at night, heaps of girls wandering around (including ladyboys) short time hotel is nearby too (350p for 2 hours), great relaxed vibe here, with plenty of girls to talk to, freelancers in the street were quoting much cheaper prices, however likely less consistent than bar girls, fun relaxed place

PLANET X is the Aussie bar, girls seemed prettier, 3000p bar fine plus 2 or 3 lady drinks at 200 each

ERIC THE RED was 2500 to 3000 pesos to bar fine however 3 to 5 lady drinks were expected at 180 each pushes it to $100 AU, chatted to a few girls here for an hour, friendly enough

DOLVO - good selection of dancers and mama says $128 bar fine, club owner was hanging out chatting to everyone, nice choice of girls, 100 pesos per san mig, only me and one burned out US regular propping up the bar tonight, but it was a monday

ARENA is a club lounge setup, one of the largest bars here, the stage is more like a big catwalk, they seem to have non stop dancers, signs say no barfines whatever that means, spoke to mama and she says $200 US to take a girl and how long she stays is up to the girl. Obviously 200 is a stupid price to pay in the phils so don't be a walking ATM. This club might be geared towards Koreans and Japanese.
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