Kathy. - hot newie

Kellys 9/34 East St Five Dock 9713 9378
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Kathy. - hot newie

Unread post by trashhammer » Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:16 pm

Got some pics of Kathy, very quick session byt she was a reao pro model , changing positions every shot without prompting. After her display of her goods , of had to book a 45min.

Thought she was gonna be usual fare , but even when I was in the shower she was dancing for me in the hottest wiggles and sways I could ask for. Great body for it , says she has done dancing ( of some kind, pole , lap or stage/bar I presume).
Tried some darY first up , very reactive, she return very hot bj some medium level kissing ( but this may have been VIP treatment as she loved her pics). Sort Chinese Katie Perry look.

Good body IMO and she knows how to cowgirl , fast wiggle fucking, and she was very keen to cum more than a few times. Went thru 7 positions with ease finishing in had flat doggie. Awesome time, none of our time wasted either. I had an exhausting session, fired all available bullets and headed for the shower, and washed her wonderful booty when she joined me. Powerhouse wicked nughty girl. Highly recoended. Any Mia fans should be happy with Cathy. A very cheery and michievious girl in the cot, who loves to show off whats she's got. Tuesday girl at this stage. Try min 45min session or you will regret it.
This girl is HOT !
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