Sammi - new slim cutie

Kellys 9/34 East St Five Dock 9713 9378
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Sammi - new slim cutie

Unread post by trashhammer » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:42 pm

Sammi is from China , but a bit different looking to the usual, could be the funky hairstyle , long bobbed,cut is angled nice and modern.
Foxy, sexy -cute style face, with leering slanted eyes that won me at first sight. Killer slim, slightly tanned figure , a tallish girl, petite little bum, and the string bikini didn't do her look any harm either. She seemd a bit younger than other girls, so i asked receptionist lady about her service, and she no customers complained all day, so booked 45 instead of my usual 30 for a first session with newie.

She surprised me straight up with her puffy super sensitive in a good way, nipples. Loves having her B cups sucked right into your mouth while you twirl your tongue around the nipple. Loved her passionate reactions. Played with the super cute butt, then she surprised me again with some very hot bj and ball work. Yeah... good punt choice.

Cowgirl fwd and reverse then jackhammered her from underneath in raised rev cowgirl and she watched the rod slam into her in the mirror , and got very vocal about its effect on her snug shaved pussy. Yes she loves daty a lot too, so book at least a 45 , cos when she starts moaning, grunting, and the hips bucking on your mouth, its not something you want stop in a hurry , I tell ya.

Plenty of positions and she was awesome fun, sort of like my session in the morning with Diamond , but has her own style of course. Wonderful body, great tecnique, passionate, fun to be with, despite not a lot of english.

Top time, another strong recommendation for a new Kellys girl, on her first day.
btw I txted the boss and told her her she was a keeper, and please don't lose her, as i want to def see her a few times more.

If you have cash to spare on a Wed , book a double with Sammi and Diamond. i cant even bear to imagine how good that would be. BYO (bring your own oxygen) ..or at least a couple of Red Bulls.

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