Baby from taiwan

Kellys 9/34 East St Five Dock 9713 9378
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Baby from taiwan

Unread post by massageaddict » Mon May 15, 2017 3:30 pm

Person's Name : Baby
Establishment : Kellys Asian Flowers
Date visit: monday 15th may 2017
Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 9/34 East st Fivedock - 9713 9278
Hours of Business : 10am - lateRates : 60mins / $150. 30mins / $85
Age : late twenties
size/shape : 6 ... c cups.
Nationality or Ethnicity : taiwan
Services Provided : FS CBJ
value for money/recommend? : undecided

Visited today without booking and mamasan kelly gave me new girl baby. First impression was small frame and big why not. Qenr upstairs and into room where i had shower.. baby got out od heer short skirt and bra. Baby said it qas her first day and i was her first customer. I had to get things moving as she was happy to just lay there asking me to extend to an hour.. i said depends on how 30.minutes

Anyway she finally got a condom on and started sucking. Nice sucking action and after a minute stopped. She then got on top and for a few minutes before she said she was tired. Did some missionary and doggy before asking her to finish me with bj. Fresh condom on and started to suck till i exploded.

I am prepared to give her benefit of doubt bejng her first day.. but in future i wont see her again unless reviews indicate service has lifted to standard of other this shop. My first dud punt in a way at this shop if i can say that even though i did blow a load. Thats punting i guess.

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Re: Baby from taiwan

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