Lucy - new slim petite Thai girls review n pics

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Lucy - new slim petite Thai girls review n pics

Unread post by trashhammer » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:04 pm

Did a pic session with Lucy, such a sexy little thing chucking poses and cracking cheeky jokes with me and teaching me a few things about natural poses girls like. A lotta fun to work with so decided a session would be a good punt.

unusually we started on a couch , as there is one in room 3. Lucy lay a towel near the couch to kneel on as she sucked dutifully. Lucy had told me in cute voice that she didn't want me to worry about pleasing her, it was her resposibility to make me feel as good as possible. okay, so let her go. Nice ball licking as well , then straddled me on the couch for some cowgirl.
Then onto bed, into doggie with some divine ball stroking fromher. had topull out a few times, too good too soon. Then to side-saddle with more ball stroking and some dirty tak from her, and i was gone. Sweet girl who sure knows what she's doing with your tackle. A real snug rig but doesn't overdo the lube, so easy to cum with her. that little brown booty is just adorable and fun to pump for sure. Fun girl, just let her lead you, she's good at it.
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