Dbl with Sunny and Yuki

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Dbl with Sunny and Yuki

Unread post by trashhammer » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:01 pm

Had to try Sunny , missed getting her pics so far as often busy , but nabbed her for a 45min and was all good, very good cbj and ball lick ,then some pretty noisy cowgirl from her. All going well when Mamasan knocks on the door , "Your favourite girl Yuki just arrived . She want to see you too. I send her in for share some time, same price" .
So in she walks with Yuki as Sunny going off in cowgirl for the second time. Sunny didn't skip a beat , just kept going. tall Yuki walks over, giggles , strips and jumps onto my face for Daty, and wiggled away moaning , which in turn set Sunny off again. Only minimal contact between the girls, but not a lesbian dbl.

After Sunny calmed down, I turned her over for some brisk doggy and Yuki pushed Sunny's hips back onto my thusting and she gave Sunny a fews light smacks on her butt. Sunny comes again then , unimpaled herself, giggles then gathers her clothes. Which left me about 20 mins with Yuki. She asked my to take a quick shower to clean the tackle then she threw herself into hot bj, as Sunny came over and gave me a kiss goodbye . Yuki now alone with me, launched into cowgirl forsome self gratification in cowgirl. Great fun watching Yuki's tits bounce and with a side saddle, a big finish at 45min make. Pretty cool, deal and exciting fun time with two cheery bunnies.

I realised this is what i shoulda be doing ages ago. Buying 2X 20min short times and hopefully get a bit of a dbl in the tag team exchange. Tall receptionist girl will cut deals to suit if its not busy. Gonna give it another try with a couple of newies next time.
Sunny description. Medium height,pale skin, great c cups, good booty, size 8-9, long black hair. wears pink and white cheerleader /K-pop dancing outfit with little white tie. Shoulda asked her leave the top on. A good look. Cute face as well and nice rounded butt cheeks for slammin'. Yuki, see her review

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