New Jenny from China

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New Jenny from China

Unread post by trashhammer » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:39 am

New Jenny from China, i spottted her the other day, physically a standout girl but I really wasn't prepared for her being such a honey of a girl personality-wise despite not a lot of English. Both times I have seen her struutingaround, she was wearing light orange bikini set. Jenny has long black hair with sort of sloping fringe, a darling/sexy style face. Beautiful eyes and smile. immaculate body , busty , well bootied.

Very fun and lively session with hot bj , daty , ball-licking and tickling supremo level. She did it lying sideways on the edge of the bed as i stood so i could get a good clear view, and her light fingernail ball scratch as she sucked was a life changing moment for me. Truly insane technique and just wouldn' let up. nearly lost the load several timesi tell ya. Whew you got keep your head, cos there was obviously some good fucking to come with this pretty doll. She absolutely loves her daty too.

I booked 30min with option of extending to 1hr which i did after 20 mins of daty and bj being sensational, and didn't want to stop her oral work. no choice.

So lots of thrashing sex and wonderful looks and sounds from this doll. So blown out at end of session had to sit in lounge for a while because wouldn't be safe to walk downstairs, yet alone drive a car. What i like about Jenny besides her oral and great vibe was in side saddle, a nice full handful of breast and booty to hold as we went for the finale ... and that face to watch as the yelps came out. Sensational time , and I can highly recommend this dolly . She's just not all good looks, but delivers with joy. Gem !

You know there was a time a while back when I didn't spend a lotta money at this place because although good lookers there, it was street service mainly, but with recent girls starting over last few months , the service level and vibe has picked up a lot. Must be the competition for the dollar value around town now, and seems like the new Chinese girls are leading the charge, and well !!
Yuki, Sophie and Barbie all worth a tumble, but don't worry which one you get, they are all return bout girls, and I have seen Yuki 3 times already. Enuff said.

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