Mimi from China - Wildcat

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Mimi from China - Wildcat

Unread post by trashhammer » Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:30 pm

I think i have used the term "Wildcat" only 2 or 3 times in the history of Hookerlooker, and here is a newie. Receptionist/day manageress Jackie, gave me a money back garauntee on this one so seemed like a good tip to follow up.
Mimi comes out to intro along with busty Lucky and tall Lisa. Okay, Mimi is a cutie girl next door type, and up against a tall glamma and busty bad girl type, but I go with the tip.

Mimi gets her gear off while i shower . Hmmm, okay. A cute butt, b-cups , great nipples, cute face, pale skin , no tats. Then mimi jumps in the shower and next thing I feel is two stiff little nips running up and down on my legs, butt and back. Mimi moaning and doing a little welcome show for me. Sweet!
Then some bbbj in the shower and some ball sucking too. Then we move to the couch and Mimi mounts me and all hell broke loose. Once she is in this position, forget about controlling her. She goes into wild bouncing. wiggle stuff and howling the place down. It was like I didn't exist in her world , just her and a by now very hard cock. She was on planet Noonoo going for it like was last fuck she was gonna get. This on and on, then changed to reverse. She has astounding energy, like she was on the edge of cumming, all the time. Moved to the bed more cowgirl, more screaming for more, no stopping except for a brief reset in another position.
A bit more bj and ball sucking then pounded her booty to finish line, and thought , hell that was awesome hi-eregy bunny fun. Then Mimi gives my back kisses all over, and when i turned over , more bj and ball licking. Whoa ! We the adjourned to the shower she washes me down, and gives me some more bbj. I get outa the shower and Mimi dries me off and to top it off , puts my socks and shoes on for me. WTF ??? and all that in 30 mins. What-a-gem!
Wildcat and affectionate aftercare, so for only the 3rd time in a 16 year punting career, I tipped her. Enuff said.

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