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Kelly at Croydon

Unread post by trashhammer » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:17 pm

Kelly unfortunatey flew back OS today. Damn, only got to see her once, yesterday , and she been there for 4 weeks . Disaster.
Hopefully back in 10 months time. Just put review up , but wondering id anyone else got to see her ?
I have told mamasan to please call me if any other slim black girls come in.

review > 6 Sept
I just finished watching Venus Williams on TV for 2 1/2 hrs and was a bit toey for some black velvet.. Called Lilly at the shop. yes there was a black girl on called Kelly , but she finishes at 10pm tonight , then on a plane home tomorrow.
So raced in and saw her at 1pm.
All safe but cbj is tops, esp with her fingernails softly raking the balls. Booty awesome , nice figure sz 10, lovely dark chocolate skin tone, no tats or any major marks, beautiful face, eyes and smile, long wavy hair, b cups (nipples extremely sensitive).
Session was delightful 30 mins of friendly chat, ball-stroking, deep cbj with passionate head twisting, mish, fwd and reverse cowgirl, doggy and side-saddle with ball tickle finish as I held a beautiful butt cheek in hand. Blew hard, then coming down she kissed and scratched my back all over.
Showered separately but nice chat throughout that time too. She too dried my back down then took towels downstairs and returned to the room to give me a hug goodbye, then took my hand and walked me downstairs.
Kelly is a girl that gives black girls a good name.
She wont be back til next year, but I will be waiting on the doorstep for her, if I know when she returns.
I just wish i had known she has been there last 4 weeks : (
Lovely, lovely girl. - TH

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