Tales from Chanell and Views from Brissie

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Tales from Chanell and Views from Brissie

Unread post by chanell1 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:18 pm

I love Brissie!!

Its generally a place where customers don't try to shake down your price - well not me; 'because 'I am worth it.'

I make a decent amount most days and meet the most interesting and entertaining men.

But anyway let me take you back to one of my general days - the reality of working in a brothel in Sydney.

The other day I had this customer - well to be honest, he was just hanging around the shop, talking the ears off the manager and generally being a bigshot. I'm the only working girl available, I'm not his type so great, I settle to watch videos. Next minute, the manager comes over to me and says Bigshot wants to book me. Uhm, why I wonder..ah of course, he's on ice and wants a "massage". Well I'm not doing anything so why not? Mistake 1.

I go upstairs, Bigshot is already in the room. He's a gangsta..of course, knows all the big bad gangstas in the area and has the tatts to prove it. He stands tall and proud. Good physique but oh what a soft cock. "You want some of this", he says, waving that flaccid thing around like its hard. I just look at him. "Get showered and get on the bed, so I can start the massage."

He does more posturing, then sees if he can score more ice. So by the time its all done and dusted another half hour has gone by, Ah off his time. But no, he shouts down to his new friend, the manager, "hey mate, you can start the clock now," Fuck.

Oh well, I go back up, get started. He keeps moving around, he starts getting really horny. "Hey if you want more than a massage, pay up now." "Ah, can't you do a bit for nothing, I'm here all the time, the manager knows me. I spend big in all the brothels." "But you're not spending big on me, so pay up." He does, flashing all these notes.

So massage to full service - Mistake 2. We start, we stop, he does ice, he rests, we start, then the talking, the demands, and then "oh my cock would be good in there"; 'where?", "your ass baby. My cock would feel so good in there, you'd love it. I do it good." I said, "no way." And then he talks about how good it is.."have you ever had it done yourself?" He looks shocked, "no way, I give it, not take it." "Well tell me how nice it is for you and then I may consider it in future."

Oops Customer - BRB

On and on he goes, then he brings, my mother into it, "oh yeah, baby, fuck you and her together. Have you done it with your dad? I bet it would be good for you with your dad. If I had a daughter, I'd do her when she's 16. Yeah 16 before anyone else has her."

Now each to their own fantasy to get them off, but I draw my line at family and children. Can't go there. I said, "you wanna fuck your own daughter? Break her in? That's wrong." I look at him to check he's just doing his sex talk but there is something in his body language that tells me its all too real to him. I stop and tell him, I have to go. Can't do the service and will give him some money back. I just pretend I got my period. Don't want no crackhead, doing a major bender on me in the premises. I calm him down and say, "I'm sure the manager will let you stay as long as you like here in this room." So I left him caked in sweat, with his still limp dick in the room.

I couldn't get away fast enough, his tatts are etched in my mind. And now when I see him, my stomach heaves with such disgust. Its the one time I wish I didn't know the English language.

Imagine hearing all that and having to pretend it turns you on..no way. Thing is he keeps coming back to the shop, being all 'gansta.'

On a lighter note, here in Brissie I work privately.The men are generally discreet and such fun. Or so I thought. I was apprehensive when this customer came to visit as his face didn't light up when he saw me, and in no finer words, he looked, "as miserable as sin." I'm thinking, oh god off he goes, but to my surprise he stayed. Hands me the money, not much of a talker.

I show him the bathroom etc. He starts stripping there and then without shutting the door. When naked he proceeds to have a piss. Nooooooooo, I don't want to see that. "I'll just close the door, so you can have some privacy," I say. Oh god what have I done?

He has a long leisurely shower, so much so I am actually twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to come into the bedroom. He finally comes in, lays down and I start his massage. I do the small talk and then I am quiet as I actually like to concentrate on the massage, making it as sensual as I can.

I can feel him relaxing, great I think. I move from his torso down towards his bum and wow, it smells good there. That's a big turn on, a nice clean smelling bum. I can feel him moving and relaxing but not talking. I do my thing with my magic hands, work on the knots, touching and kneading hard and soft in the right areas. I move to his legs, start massaging there and his anus, his balls, but he isn't moving. Damn, he doesn't like that too much, so I concentrate on the body slide and got so into it I forget that he needs to turn over.

I sit astride him and start the face to face massage, he's relaxed, his cock is hard. He's not huge but a good size, uhm nice. He wants to come twice. "Sure, if you can and we have time."

Well this guy could fuck for Australia, he didn't come quick, he enjoyed being inside me. He was so passionate and caring. He held me tight like I was the most precious thing in the world. After he came the first time, we just cuddled and cuddled - a big man strong cuddle and caresses. He ran his fingers all over my body and just made me feel so special. I couldn't wait for him to get hard again. It was even better the second time. Who says working girls don't feel anything?

Our time up, he had his shower and said he's coming back to see this week. So guys on that note, I await his visit.

Its State of Origin tonight. I hope I'm busy...

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Re: Tales from Chanell and Views from Brissie

Unread post by markblaze » Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:57 am

Great post. It is really interesting to get to know the lady's side of the story. We do have nice and sensitive men in Sydney too, though. Hope your average experience would be better than the one you shared.

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