RIHANNA - HOT Sexy black Babe

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RIHANNA - HOT Sexy black Babe

Unread post by Misfit44 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:53 am

She is much slimmer than this and lighter in colour
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I saw this cracker advert for Rihanna and thought I give it a try.
Honestly I already tried 3 Chinese adverts in the past week and they were a huge disappointment to the picture that was advertised in their profile.

Black Beauty 4U!! Sydney based
(this ad originated from outside australia)

Price: $300.00
Location: Central Western Sydney
Viewed: 8960
Date Posted: 16/08/2013
Ad ID: 403994520
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HI IM STARTING TO DO INCALLS INNER WEST AREA. Please if INTRESTED email me I will get back to you ASAP.

I am intelligent, sophosticated well spoken individual with a cheeky side as well. naturally flirtatious and sociable I am a good listener and very much interested in knowing about you and your interests and what gets you going.

I rather keep it short and simple, its best for you to come and check my services out yourself. Once you go black you dont want to go back. Girlfriend exprience, dress up, golden showers, light bondage, rimming, toys anything u wish i can do it for you of course with protection. Please let me know in advance so I can organise myself.

1/2 - $200
3/4 - $300
1hr: $400

Anal $300

Hope to hear from you
Mobile: 0410186741
Email: [email protected]

I made the appointment by email and she turned up at my house.

OMG!! What a fucken hot BABE!!
175cm tall, slim, medium coloured hair, long skinny legs, super smile, beautiful sensual lips, cute face, light coffee coloured skin.

I thought the Stiletto girls Naomi and Gwen were beautiful, or Sapphire at Liaisons.
No Rihanna is THE PRETTY one.

We go to the room and she takes off her clothes and I just about came.
What an amazing sexy body.
Boobs definitely 34C.
I won't bullshit here but I could see her boobs had been milked before and asked whether she had a kid before.
Yes she did a few years ago BUT what an amazing body and boobs were still big and yummy.

She lay on the bed and I just went down on her and DATY.
Clean shaven pussy and lots of sweet juices.
I was hungry and ate and finger fucked her until she came in my face.
I just love black pussy juices.

I went up and kissed her and my dick nearly speared into her pussy.
It was so hard and horny for action.

She kissed passionately and loved her own pussy taste on my mouth.
Rihanna ashed if I wanted a CBJ but I just wanted to fuck her because she was driving me crazy.
She put on the dom and I went for MISH for a while and then bent he legs over her shoulder and did my pile driver on her.

Rihanna does nearly everything including anal (extra $300) but I was too engross in just pumping her.
One day I will fuck her tight little ass. NO booty here but a beautiful small firm ass.
It will give me immense pleasure to drill her asshole next visit.

I must have pumped her continuously for at least 30minutes and you can see she was enjoying as much as I did.
Her juices were wetting my bed.

I didn't even care about the "burnt rubber" taste and went back down on her pussy which I had tenderised for so long.

I was covered in sweat when I finally came.
After I just lay in her arms and sucked her boobs like a baby and talked.

That was the first visit.
Then few days later I called her and repeated it again.

I haven't even gone to the other services because I never got pass my bunny rabbiting her.
She is just so sexy that I just jack hammer away and even she asked why I don't try the other positions.
Nevertheless she also has her orgasms so we both happy.

I did not want to put this review because I want Rihanna for myself.
This is stupid thinking of me since I am already in love with her and she is a part time "professional" escort.

For you guys who want to try a black lady then Rihanna is a must.
HOME visit at $400 and hour is great.

I was one of the first guys who tipped everyone about Thai/Korean Yoon @$220/hr home delivery and stingy dickheads complained about the price. Yoon is now PoorYa and now charges $320/hr.

Rihanna is beautiful!

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Re: RIHANNA - HOT Sexy black Babe

Unread post by Misfit44 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:32 pm

I have had FOUR wild sessions with Rihanna now.

Today lunch time hour and half session was still good as the first.

This is her sexy body relaxing after sex.
I love hot sexy black girls!!
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Re: RIHANNA - HOT Sexy black Babe

Unread post by bill_100 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:40 pm

Misfit44 you must be a man of money with all your activity, you lucky fellow!

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Re: RIHANNA - HOT Sexy black Babe

Unread post by Misfit44 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:46 pm

YES I do have money!


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