New girl for June

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New girl for June

Unread post by trashhammer » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:45 pm

New Midas girls for June

Hazel = Korean , beautiful and cute face, medium height, very nice sexy curved figure, b cups real, and every customer has given good feedback on her, so nice start for her at Midas.

Petra is back, and what a stunner figure, perfection bust and cleavage that was mouth watering to look at when she was in motion, hourglass figure and kill sway in her walk. long wavy hair , beautiful face , flawless light olive complexion all over in a brief string bikini. Not a lot wrong with this picture, i assure you.

Receptionist also tipped me on Katerina , a new Colombian girl just started at 4pm who was in a booking. apparently all her customers very happy so far. Big eyes , big bust, big booty, brunette and tanned may have something to do with it.

Good new for Latina chasers is there are now 4 Colombians as well as a Brazilian and a Spanish girl there now, so please don't think of this as a strictly Korean line=up anymore.

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