Tiffany Korea

Midas Massage Spa and Sauna 83 Marrickville Road Marrickville 9557 6999
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Tiffany Korea

Unread post by bender » Wed May 09, 2018 11:57 pm

Mandrake was up from Melbourne and he wanted to go punting at his "favourite spot in the world" so I was wingman. Tiffany is a tall and pretty Korean bird, apparently she is quite "busy" here and now I see why. I paid for the 45 min session, upstairs we went, she showered with me giving me a good soap up. Then face down on the table for plenty of oil and she had a go at fixing my back with her above average massage skills. Turning over she continued with the mighty fine massage techniques by now I had a raging boner as she is very easy on the eye. She swoops down on the wood with a condom in her mouth and before I knew it I was copping a furious blow job - sweet! I encouraged her to extend that action for a bit and she obliged. Finally she straddled me with the bone in one hand and I was almost on the custard stroke, till I paused proceedings and got her into a bit of mutual then hip fucking to completion. Wow what a session. I'm not surprised she is popular here she uses plenty of oil but knows what she is doing. What I love about Midas is Western management and Korean girls, what a good combination! It's a consistent level of service. Tiffany is recommended.

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