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Unread post by Oblivion » Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:29 am

Saw Mikayla recently. This chick is new and only hanging around a short time to put her kid through school.

Late 20s, good body, hairless pussy and classic Aussie Italian chick.

She is demanding in the room and I would say you have to keep up with her. YMMV for sure as you need a connection with her to get her to do stuff beyond the standard service.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience, she is very flexible in the bed, open to multiple positions and to the guy cumming more than once.

Enjoy this chick while she's around.

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Re: Mikayla

Unread post by path1k » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:40 am

I also had a session with Mikhayla, her tits are nice but just a SLIGHT bit saggy.

Her breath smelled like a mix of chewing gum and cigarettes.

She let me luck her pussy which I was glad but it was kinda dry and she made me stop when she was close to cumming.

She also told me she won't be here for long as she needs to support here son but... That was over a year ago lol (Gotta make that money honey)

All in all I had a decent experience with her 7/10 but I'd much prefer Camilla because Camilla is more friendly, Camilla has bigger boobs, let's you lick her pussy until she cums and she can cum multiple times!

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